Guest Post by D.T. Krippene: Lasty – A Dystopian Tale

Today D.T. Krippene is my guest at We are fellow writers represented by Victoria Lea of The Aponte Literary Agency and we share as writers the wide genre fantasy fiction. In looking at his work, it struck me that we share a certain realism in our fantastical imaginings. Taking life as we know it and twisting it to include the possibilities of the future or of a truth just beyond our own, as well as true human desires and emotions, is how storytellers make sense of the world. Stories such as these give readers a way to examine the uncertainty, the hardship,  the dreams, and the hope we all share as human beings, but from a safe place of remove. The floor is yours D.T.! I look forward to your tale.

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My thanks to Ariel for hosting me today.  We share a similar taste for old Victorian homes, rural New England settings, art by Lori Nix, and a make-believe world in our heads that would make Walter Mitty proud. In a departure from my usual postings, I’ve decided to share a short excerpt of my current project, a dystopian story of mankind’s date with extinction, and a young couple’s reluctant journey to prevent it.

Lasty – A Dystopian Tale

A human endogenous retrovirus has wiped out 95% the human population and rendered survivors unable to bear children.  The end of the anthropogenic era is near.  Two years after the virus has run its course, a tiny number of women became pregnant … and give birth on the same day.

Eighteen-year-old Ryan Townsend is a Lasty, a derogatory term for the last children born on earth, Leap Day, February 29, 2052.  Raised within the strict confines of his religious mother, Ryan is fed up with the notoriety of his mysterious birth.  No one will tell him why the watchful eye of the Directorate monitors his every move.  Ryan’s world implodes when he stumbles on a wolf attack about to tear a girl to shreds. Penny McGuire is unaware she may be the world’s answer to pulling humans from the precipice of extinction. Life-hardened and on the run from Australia, she drags Ryan along for the ride . Continue reading