Snow, Wine, Books, and More Snow!

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It is snowing, again, here in Massachusetts. I consider myself a regional writer, but at this moment, I am seriously connecting with Stephen King’s The Shining. He’s regional too, to Maine, but that one takes place at a snowed in hotel in Colorado. We have about two feet out there right now. My fellow Massachusetts folks further east (it is a large state you know) have more like four feet, because they got a few last week.

In any case, I am going a little stir crazy, but I am looking forward to next weekend when I will be at The Harvard General Store for the rescheduled book event in my home town. Yay! I am so excited to go back to Harvard and see my peeps from there. There will be wine too, and of course plenty of copies of The Nightingale Bones. The Bones, incidentally, takes place in a hot summer in the hills. So, if you are feeling the cold and want a little escape it is a good one.


Otherwise, I am writing, my WIP is a more wintery story. I have a hike across the ice to the old foam igloo on the island scene percolating in my head. What? Right. You’ll have to read it. But if you were around back in the days when that strange old house was still on that island, you’ll know the one I am referencing. That’s right Harvard folks, remember, the next one is about you! Hahahahahahahahaha. A little scary, I know. I promise that was not a maniacal laugh.

So, stay warm everyone, and come see me next Saturday, February 14th, at The Harvard General Store. Reading is at 4pm. I promise it will be sweet and full of red bliss.

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