Upcomg Events: Book Tour 2.0

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. Someone told me recently that for the Chinese New Year the tradition is to 1) clean your house and sweep all the “dirt” out the door (Josephine would be pleased), 2) buy a new outfit to wear on New Year’s Day, and 3) cut your hair. Here’s to new beginnings and a prosperous 2015!

I am busy getting ready for Book Tour 2.0. In January I am pleased to announce that I will be in Harvard, MA on Saturday the 24th from 4-7 pm at the upstairs of The General Store. It is a gorgeous space. When I was growing up there was a camera shop up there. I remember as a 5th grader buying candy after school at the General Store with my friends. We could walk over through the cemetery from school. That was before they paved the walk around path to keep kids out of sacred ground. (Samuel Nightingale would be sad).

Then, I will be in Agawam on the 29th at 7pm. Thanks so much Wendy for reaching out!

In March, which will come fast, I will be at the Springfield Author Fair from 12-4 at the public library. I look forward to meeting my fellow Bell Bridge author Howard Odentz there. Thanks too Howard for reaching out.

And…I have a few other surprises in the works. Hopefully more on those soon. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

2 thoughts on “Upcomg Events: Book Tour 2.0

  1. Well I haven’t bought a new outfit or had my hair cut – but I am on a cleaning/purging mission for 2015! I have already gone through my office and closet and taken away many trash bags of “stuff” and now am working through the guest room closets…I feel so free! Wish I lived in MA still, so I could attend one of the book signings! Best to you in 2015!

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