Cover & Title: The Nightingale Bones

As social media works, those who have liked my FB page will already know this, but for the rest of you out there, and perhaps for anyone who missed it the first time, I am happy to announce that Distillation has a new title and…most exciting…a COVER!

First, let me say it has been an experience in itself to turn my baby, this book I have been working on in one way or another for a number of years, from first words, to rewrites, to agent, to publisher, over to someone else. This is another step in the long journey to being a published author, letting those who know what they are talking about tweak it for the market. And each step of the way, I have thought, ‘well this part of the journey is the most difficult.’ But not this time. As my agent would tell you, I tend to have an initial reaction, a desire to hold on to what I have thought to be the way it is, and then, without too much fuss, I think, I have been able to see the merit in change. It is amazing, actually, to experience how an outside entity takes the work and shines it into something that both reflects the novel but attracts a variety of readers.

The title process was not too difficult. The publisher tossed out some ideas, we tossed some back, and ultimately, she decided on one that was one I had liked from her first list. So…The Nightingale Bones it is. I would certainly check out a book with this title. It evokes mystery. Is it talking literally about bird bones? I am attracted to things with birds, and bird bones have a certain creepy quality. Or, is Nightingale a person? And are the bones his or her individual bones or are these bones somehow related in another way? Are they human bones, or what? Hmm. Overall then, the idea is evocative and draws in a reader. Great!

The cover was the most exciting part. I feel lucky to have been asked to submit an Art Fact sheet where I could put forward images and ideas I felt represented the book in mood and content. My favorite question was ‘If the book were a color, what would it be?’ Peppermint green was my answer, peppermint being central to the story, and it is that haunting green of the cover that provides an air of both eeriness and beauty all at once, to paraphrase a commenter on my author page. My favorite part, other than the color, are the stones that can just be seen beneath the water. These strike a chord for me from a number of subtle elements in the story…but you will have to read it to find out what those are.

What do you think the cover says? What kind of story do you imagine lies beneath?

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4 thoughts on “Cover & Title: The Nightingale Bones

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  2. Congrats! I am so anxious to buy and read this novel…which I know, will be the first of many!!

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