Books that make you a better person

I came across this last Friday in my internet travels: “50 Novels Guaranteed To Make You A Better Person”.

How many of them have you read? Which ones have you wanted to read? For me, I read The Unbearable Lightness of Being this summer. It left me feeling like I had come to an understanding of some sort, especially after reading Anna Karenina, though it was sad and funny and sometimes hard to continue. I read some of and recently purchased The Tenth of December. Darkly satirical short stories that give a scathing look at humanity and society. It didn’t feel uplifting to me, but it was memorable. Of my favorites is  Siddhartha. Today, I sit down to read essays from students on the book. It is one that affects them in surprising ways every year. I recommend people read many times over their life. I also just bought Life After Life, after hearing about it and seeing it around quite a bit. This is entirely new to me. I look forward to it. I have also been hearing a lot about Middlesex. A friend read it and loved it. Book clubs are reading it. So…

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Others I love, of course, To Kill a Mockingbird, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and The Left Hand of Darkness. I also remember liking The God of Small Things, but I don’t remember what it is about – so that might say something. I can’t say I endorse Things Fall Apart, I found it disturbing, but many love it as tragedy. I would like to read Tropic of Cancer and Lolita.

And you? Are there any books you would add to the list?

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