X-ed Off, Yikes!, and Zzzzzz

I admit it. I am pooped. This whole A-Z challenge started with great optimism and high hopes and the challenge certainly lived up to them. My own personal world, not so much. I had some let downs this month and some rough spots, but I am getting my ducks back in a row. Although I am in a state of regrouping, tentatively tipping my toe in the torrent, it does not mean I can’t finish this thing. But I am going to cheat. Here goes:

X is for X that one off my list. Has anyone else who is querying come across this disclaimer on agency sites that the querant must acknowledge before submitting?

“Said Agency and/or any of its clients may have created, may create, or may otherwise have access to materials, ideas, and creative works which may be similar or identical to the Material with regard to theme, motif, plots, characters, formats, or other attributes; and (v) I shall not be entitled to any compensation because of the proposed use or use of any such similar or identical material that may be or may have been created by Said Agency and/or any of its clients…”

I know people still submit to these agencies, and perhaps it is totally kosher, but I shy away, even when there seem to be some awesome agents at “Said Agency.” Why do they include this? All the other disclaimers seem appropriate, but this just screams, “…in case we steal your story.” Which I certainly don’t think reputable agencies would do, but then why include this? What do you think a writer should make of this?

Y is for Yikes! I am going to a pretty big writing conference next weekend, The Muse and the Marketplace. I will probably blog about it. It is very exciting. The attendees get to hob knob with agents and well known writers. There are seminars and panels and talks and keynote speakers. You can meet with an agent for a manuscript consultation. You can eat lunch at an assigned table with editors, agents, and NYT Bestselling authors. It is awesome, but it is also really intimidating. This year my Muse friend is not attending. So, I am flying solo. I have made a plan to approach a few specific people and introduce myself, just to put a face (mine) to a name (my query). I am excited to meet one of my fav authors, Katherine Howe (check out her awesome website), and I am excited to learn about a whole lot of different writing related things. But YIKES! I have to psych myself up and put on my Brave Girl Costume. Do you attend any awesome writing conferences, or other special interest events?

Z is for ZZZZZ. Sleeping is so important and I haven’t been doing it well lately. In fact, I have noticed that many of my fellow bloggers and writers suffer from insomnia. Actually, a lot of my students do too. Why is this? Are we over stimulated with electronics? Is the modern world too fast paced? Are we stressed with information overload. I know too much and therefore I worry all the time. Are you a good sleeper?

So there you go. I did it. I made it through, with a little cheating. It was so great to meet all of you knew and interesting bloggers. Thanks for stopping by and visit again soon.

4 thoughts on “X-ed Off, Yikes!, and Zzzzzz

  1. Oooh, can't wait to hear about the conference and congrats on finishing the challenge. I loved it, but am super happy it is over. April was CRAZY! 🙂 Now, time for sleep!

  2. That disclaimer makes me think the agency has had trouble with authors claiming their idea was stolen. With the huge number of people looking for representation, why would an agency need to steal ideas? But go with your gut. There's plenty of agents out there.The conference sounds great. I went to one in NYC, was terrified, but learned a lot.I don't sleep if I don't exercise.

  3. I've never run across that disclaimer, or at least I've never noticed it before. I'm not quite sure what to make of it…Your writing conference sounds amazing!I don't have trouble sleeping during the school year. I'm always pooped. But in the summer, I find I can't sleep because I'm too excited about the possibilities!

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