Voracious Reader

I am a voracious reader and the book problem is getting out of hand. For a long time I have had the policy that I only bought books that I seriously wanted to own as part of my library, which meant that I usually had already read them. This helped keep the piles down, but lately I have begun to buy books just for the sake of buying them again. This is part of author good karma and I am happy to do it.

I am also an avid library supporter and so I go to the library on a weekly basis and usually come away with an armload of books. I don’t always read each one, but, I read until I am bored or it loses my interest. Often, I am reading four or five books at once, and the one or two I keep reading until the end, wins the competition. (I imagine that is what it is like with agents and manuscript submissions).

Also, I have been going to used bookstores. We have some great ones. The Montague Bookmill being one of the best. “Books you don’t need in a place you can’t find.” When I go to these places, I pick up books I have been wanting to add to my collection and books that are just for general interest, especially to visitors.

I love it when I walk into a house and there are piles of books. So, I have started to let that happen in my own home. I am not a clutterbug and I have had people come in to my house and say where is all your stuff. Well, I am letting the books and magazines clutter things. It is worth it. Although I really do just need another bookshelf.

Another spring feeding our Voracious Reading is my husband and I like to support our local book store and even if we aren’t buying books, occasionally we go and select a few magazines from their varied collection. I am not talking about Cosmo or Better Homes and Gardens (although I do like that one), I am talking about Writer’s magazines, or Beer Brewing magazines, or Farming magazines, or Art magazines. Supporting small publications, small book stores and our interests all at once. It is great. And then I keep them around for others to enjoy when they come to our house.

What do you read? Do you have piles around your house? What is in your bookshelf? I love seeing other people’s bookshelves. (Lostinsidethecovers – that is a shout out to you!)

6 thoughts on “Voracious Reader

  1. I was missing our comment talking and decided to swing by your blog and just saw my shout out! Two months late! Just wanted to say hi, let you know my bookshelves are crazy and I thinking about reducing the piles and wish you a happy summer. πŸ™‚ Best!!

  2. I have two piles right now…one with the books that I have read but don't really have a place to go (we need a home library bad!)…and the other containing my TBR books. Right now my TBR stack is the larger of the two. πŸ™‚

  3. I don't get to the bookstore as much as I used to with the advent of Kindle. Unless it's something I've always wanted for my shelves, and then it's usually bought at a used bookstore. My books are everywhere, including the car, the kitchen table, and my nightstand.

  4. Oh yes, my bookshelves are double-booked, piles on the nightstand in the bedroom, piles on the end table next to my side of the bed. I got a Kindle to help with this but still can't stop buying print books. Oy!Karen

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