Sass Master and the Stars


So I have been hearing a lot about personality lately. And there is something strange going on. Somehow people are missing my personality. This has got me thinking. In life, I am known for having…shall I say…a strong personality? So, I am going to talk about my personality today. It all begins with my sign.

I am a Cancer on the cusp of Gemini. I also have a Cancer moon and Gemini rising. So – these two signs are me. The problem with being on the cusp is that I have what seems like contradictory personality traits. Half of those being Gemini (the twins) makes it even worse. At heart, I am a Cancer. I love home and food and comfort. I am soft, sensitive, emotional, creative, and easily hurt. I love animals and nature. Like a Crab, I maintain a hard exterior shell to protect my very soft insides. Also like a Crab I can be a bit snippy if I feel threatened and those claws can be dangerous.

Now conversely, on the outside I can appear to be very Gemini – especially in certain situations. I can walk in to a room of strangers and work the crowd. I can dazzle people with my wit. I can make new friends and talk up strangers. I am not afraid to put myself out there. Or so it seems. When I am feeling particularly Gemini-ish – like a bird in motion – my eyes turn green (from blue). No kidding.
When I am feeling very watery – like a Cancer – they are blue as the ocean on a sunny day.

In my professional life I am known for my sometimes biting wit. I am a sass master. I am sharp and quick and a straight shooter. I am the go to person when someone needs to be told something no one else wants to tell them. I say it like it is and I mean what I say. I am articulate, logical and speak with conviction. I am enthusiastic and communicative, helpful, and friendly. But I can be sarcastic with a very dry sense of humor.I am also quiet. I choose my moments.

I am less than five feet tall, but I am a lion, subtle, quick, and either dazzling or dangerous, afraid of no one. I can also be a know-it -all and alternately totally insecure, but I try to keep those moments under wraps. In fact, I have made an art out of hiding in plain site until I want to be seen, because all of my life I have had the unnerving feeling that when I speak, people stop and stare. Somehow I come across as bold and having something to say, even when I don’t feel it inside. My voice probably has a lot to do with it, which you don’t hear here. I don’t mean my articulation, I mean my actual pitch and tone. I have always had a “tone” problem, though I have mostly learned to keep it under control. I think you’d have to meet me to understand this.

So that is my personality. On-line I try to keep it bright and light. As a writer approaching agents and other writers, I am humble, thankful, polite, professional, kind and encouraging and that is a public persona I will always cultivate. In my daily life, I am all of these things too, but like the ocean I am changeable, sometimes like glass, sometimes stormy, and what lies beneath is far deeper, darker, and more wondrous than the surface reveals.

So, hey baby, what’s your sign?

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  1. Short people have to be sassy. And feisty, and stubborn. While I am 5'3.75", I am all the above. I say, "Sassy Sisters, Unite!" Fun post!Sagittarius, by the way.

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