So, just for fun, today I am going to fantasize about what I would do if I were rich and I invite you to do the same. If I had a million dollars… (you know the tune, hum along with me)…

After I paid off my student loan and my credit card, I’d build an addition on my house. It would be a family room on the first floor, complete with a pellet stove and a windowy wall for lots  of plants to live. Above would be a master bedroom and another bathroom. Maybe a spiral staircase, a cool cast iron one, to connect the two rooms.

Speaking of bathrooms, I’d also gut and redo both of the ones I have.
I’d buy a pick up truck and new furniture especiaa whole new king bedroom set.
Next, while I am doing the first addition, might as well blow out the kitchen and add some space and a screened in porch on the shady side of things.

I’d build a patio and install an outdoor hot tub. I’d have some serious landscaping done.

I’d go on vacation. To Europe. I’d hike along the moores of England and go to the English seaside. Visit castles and ruins, museums and cafes.

I’d buy tools to keep my husband busy and clothes and new appliances for me.

Maybe I’d just sell my house and buy another one with a barn. Yeah that would be better. We need a barn so we can have animals. Then, I guess I’d buy some animals. Alpacas! Of course this new house would have to have the patio, the porch, the sun room and the hot tub. Not to mention new kitchen and bathrooms.

What would you do with a million dollars or two or ten? 


3 thoughts on “Riches

  1. I agree with the travel, but I might have to buy a couple of small houses in the countries and places I want to visit more often. A little place in Australia, a little place in Tokyo, a cabin up on the lake for the summers…so many options.

  2. Alpacas, yes. Heaven is holding a stuffed animal made from Alpaca fur (no harm came to the alpaca). But just a little one cost 45 bucks! Definitely need to be a millionaire to justify that purchase along with long trip to Hawaii and then Banff, pay for someone to declutter the house and weed the yard.

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