MOJITO – Yay for M


DISTILLATION is all about peppermint. Well, it is about a lot more, but everything centers on the essence of peppermint. In the book there is actually a scene where Teddy, my beloved town historian, makes a mojito. I love mojitoes and drink them all summer. So…here is the recipe. Tried and true.

First of all – you must buy freshly picked or – better yet – grow your own -peppermint. I grow peppermint just for this one reason.

  • Tall glass with fingers full of peppermint leaves squeezed or shredded into the bottom
  • Ice to fill glass 1/2 to 3/4 full
  • Bacardi Rum – a shot and a half per drink – depending on how much of a lush you are.  Pour the shot+ over the ice.
  • Lots of FRESH lime – half to a whole lime per drink – as per your taste. Squeeze the lime over the ice. I like to put the squeezed out lime right in the glass so I can poke it with my straw.
  • 1 Tbs Simple Syrup (make in advance)- take a cup of sugar and pour it into a small sauce pan with a cup of water. Heat on medium low stirring occasionally until the sugar and water are completely mixed. Pour into a Ball jar and let cool. Refridgerate and keep for all the mojitoes you can drink. Pour the syrup over the ice.
  • Fill the rest of the glass with Tonic water.
  • Use a brightly colored straw to crush and stir the whole shebang together and…sip!


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  1. I love mojitos! I'm pregnant, so I won't get to drink them this summer. A good mojito on a hot day is the only time I miss being able to drink.

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