Today’s post is about one of my favorite things: Farmer’s Markets. We have an awesome one here in my small home town. It starts again this month. I am so excited. Every Saturday morning I go with my bags and cash and fill them with locally grown, fresh produce, bread, goat cheese, and grass fed meat. I spend $30-$50 dollars and come away with a priceless feeling of satisfaction and bounty.

Eating locally is something I support and encourage. The Pioneer Valley in which I live is a leader in what Barbara Kingsolver termed the locavore movement. Do you know that buying a one pound bag of shrimp at the grocery store “costs” one ton of fuel! Every tomato or nectarine you buy in the grocery store has usually come from very far away and the fuel costs and carbon emissions that come with it certainly add to the price of that produce exponentially. I am sure you have all heard of your carbon foot print. If you want some ideas on how to reduce it, go here. Buying local food as well as growing and storing your own food (even in a little bit of space) are great ways to conserve and get some enjoyment out of it too.

Also: here are some books you might like that encourage small food production and local eating.

               Tart and Sweet: 101 Canning and Pickling Recipes for the Modern Kitchen
Do you have a local farmer’s market that you support? Would you like one? Do you garden? What do you grow?

2 thoughts on “F is for: FARMER’S MARKET!!

  1. There are two farmers' markets that are near us. I try to go to the closest one, as it is also nearest some big organic farms. The produce is awesome, and fresh. Who wouldn't love to fondle fresh peppers?

  2. I love our farmer's market. It goes year round, is crazy crowded and you can run into most of your friends from town there each Sunday. I have Kingsolver's book but haven't cracked it yet. (bad bad me). We grow tomatoes but don't get enough sun or have room to do much more. We have a couple of fruit trees, loquat, santa rosa plum and baby nectarine and peaches. I make a LOT of jam!!

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