waiting, dreaming of owls, and the weather

Hello readers,

I am really trying to post more these days, but I have such a hard time getting into it after work. With my fiction writing, I save up. I am able to work on it in other ways. I dream. I imagine. I listen to music that inspires me to think up new worlds and to envision the problems of characters who are just growing and yet to hit the page. I imagine symbols and themes, conflicts and resolutions. But all of that can be done when I am driving home from work or in the shower. Then, when I hit a vacation, which as a teacher, come pretty regularly, I start writing and usually get somewhere fairly fast. Blogging. Not so much. I think of ideas and then they fade away. BTW: Thank you to those who took the Lucky Seven meme bait.

I am dreaming of owls right now and I am waiting. The great honed owl that has been lurking around my yard is waiting too. He is like a vision, a harbinger of something to come. Of what, I do not know.

DISTILLATION  has been in a round of querying since September and there have been many full requests. Recently I was asked to revise with an offer of notes from an agent. I took it, feeling like those revisions were right on. That agent has, even more recently, as geologic time goes, replied. She likes it and will keep reading. She asked if other agents had the book. Yes they do. So, I wait. And wait. In the meantime more requests have come in and the owl hoots from inside the fog that has settled on my little town.

I am really trying hard to think about the next WIP and April vacation can’t come soon enough. I am trying not to obsess. I know they will all get there when they do. Agents are busy and their clients are their first priority. I have paid attention, after all, all these months in writer school .

But still…it is hard. The fears and fantasies fly like that owl in my mind, wings whipping up dreams and nightmares alike.

To make things even more strange, the weather in Massachusetts is just bizarre. Today the temp was double what it should be. It is summer in March. I hope it is not a 120 degree summer when the real one does actually arrive. Combined with daylight savings time, I don’t know what month it is, what time it is, or what is happening. Overall this is really a bit disconcerting.

But I wait, knowing that everything will be all right. Because things move and the world changes, but really everything is still the same.

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  1. Congrats on the full requests and positive feedback from the agents… like you say, they're busy, but I'm sure they'll come back to you soon…:)

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