Life is Good

Simone – my love (Tortie Point Siamese)

Today was beautiful here in western MA. I spent the day in the yard, picking up sticks and pruning grapes (a little late on that). The Siamese and the chickens were glad to help. The cat playing a game where she would sit on the stick gathering tarp eagerly waiting for my next arm load dump and then she would sprint away with excited glee. Then she would come back and wait to do it all over again. The chickens love to dig, so they helped with raking the perennial patch, I suspect eager to snack on the early shoots hiding beneath. But, Helen, our golden arricauna did not hesitate to insert herself into the pile of brush I was building. She climbed right inside and sat there, perhaps looking for a new nest. She was not please when I took her freshly laid, still warm egg this morning. In fact she hopped up on the coop and investigated with some agitation. We don’t even have a rooster (he was very mean and then tasty) so no chicks would come of her endeavors anyways. I told her, that is the way it goes chicky.

It was a beautiful day and I am looking forward to spring. Daylight savings is nice in that I will be able to go for walks more often after work and the days will get warmer. Husband wanted to drain the snow blower of gas today. I thought, not so fast. April Fools 3 foot snow storms are not unheard of.

I hope everyone else had a lovely day and a has a great week ahead.

This is Helen sunning herself

2 thoughts on “Life is Good

  1. We want – well okay – I want – goats too. There is a lonely one at the farm next door and I wish we could adopt it. Chickens are awesome. You should definitely get some.

  2. How cool that you have chickens… I so want some, but our yard is a bit too small… When I get eventually get a larger property, I'm getting chickens and goats…:)

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