Style Award! and…"Swamp Girls at The Hatchet Motel"

So, my writing group friend Perri awarded me the Stylish Blog Award. This is my second award ever and I am very flattered, though as I posted over @ Lesser Apricots, I have to think it is a bit ironic, considering my blog is entitled “Writing Blog.” I never really thought about what people would refer to my blog as and I guess I didn’t consider the title I put up there would be actually be it. (?) Go figure.
So, here is a challenge. I am going to try and think up a cool new writing blog name. So many of you have such original ones. So…any ideas you have would be appreciated. Since I am supposed to tell you seven things about myself, maybe these will help give you (and me) some ideas for that new Blog Title. Incidentally, I guess (according to Lulu) I am better at thinking of novel titles than blog titles.

1. I grew up for the first ten years of my life in a haunted Victorian, and for the second ten years of my life in a lake side cabin with a dock and a canoe as my first mode of transportation into town.

2. I met my writing group via a post on Craig’s List

3. I am a Cancer on the cusp of Gemini – born June 24th 1977

4. In my immediate circle of female family members spells and fortunetelling are not uncommon.

5. If I had one superpower it would to breath underwater.

6. My favorite feature on a person is the nose, and I have a particular male nose that I find very attractive. Instead of nice butt, I say nice nose.

7. Lilacs, fireflies, garden strawberries, Siamese cats, antique hats, and the sea are a few of my favorite things.

So thanks to Perri, and here are those I am passing the award on to:

Fine Sarah over at The Strangest Situation
Jayne over at A Novice Novelist
Anne over at The Piedmont Grille

Thanks everyone and pass it on. Oh…and leave a comment with any crazy blog title you can think of. I don’t know, if I were a plagiarist I’d say Swamp Girls at The Hatchet Motel. Perri you do have such style!

2 thoughts on “Style Award! and…"Swamp Girls at The Hatchet Motel"

  1. Thank you so much for the award! What a treat. :)I love your seven things – you've lived in some interesting places. I also love the 'nice nose' compliment!As for blog titles, oh I am hopeless. I wish I thought more about it when I started my blog. Some people have fantastic blog names and I covet them desperately!

  2. I sort of like "Writing Blog" It's to the point, that's for sure. Maybe I should change the name of the motel in my WIP and name it "Swamp Girls at the Hatchet Motel" Much better than my more sedate options.

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