Fun Contest from Brenda Drake Writes

First Line Contest – Too Fun! Here is the graphic from Brenda’s blog, she is hosting this fun contest that you all should do

Weronika (pronounced ‘Veronica’) Janczuk is a writer and an agent with D4EO Literary. She also writes YA, literary, and historical fiction, and blogs about it here. An interview with Weronika will be posted here sometime before the contest so go on over and check it out.

Brenda’s Instructions: Go to her blog and sign up on the linky. On February 7 and 8, post the first line of your manuscript (any genre) on your blog to get critiques from your followers and then hop around to the other participants’ sites and give critiques. Polish your line and enter it into the comments of the contest post on February 9 like this:

Name: Ariel Swan
Title: Distillation
Genre: Women’s Lit

“My mother told me never to start a new endeavor on the full moon…”

You get the idea.

Prizes from Weronika:

1st place — a critique of the first 50 pages + query

2nd place — a critique of the first 25 pages + query

3rd place — a critique of the query

I’m in. So go to it.

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  1. While I love books about magic and the paranormal, I see this and I feel like there's something missing from this sentence because of the ellipses. Maybe you can take them out or add onto it.Good luck with the contest!

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