I’ve learned to link, Back to it, and the Lonely Quest

Hello from my corner of the world. First off I would like to congratulate Matt Rush for having been linked in Nathan Bransford’s “This Week in Publishing” post last Friday. How cool is that? As an English teacher, I will be talking about banned books more than usual this week. So many of the books on my classroom shelf have been banned. It is scary though that a lot of parents are afraid of what is in those books. At open house two weeks ago – I put up a power point that had hooks for the books we read in my class and I headlined Hamlet as “Ghosts, Murder, Sex and Suicide!” One mother paled at the sight of this tag line. I bet she’s never read it. But we wouldn’t ban Shakespeare would we?

I also wanted to note that the Author!Author! blog got me thinking about Author Pics just this evening. If only I had an agent I would start thinking about one. I wouldn’t want to be caught off guard without one as she says often happens. So, just for fun, what about this one?

Just kidding. That’s a little scary. It would bring ‘newest female horror writer’ to a whole new level. That’s me last summer taking a break from writing.

Anyway…I am back to it. I have read through DISTILLATION twice in the last four weeks. I made significant changes to the pacing and I worked hard on character continuity. Making sure dear Alice keeps her emotions straight. I think I was successful. When I finished the second go through today I felt really good about it. Even though I’ve read the thing so many times now (changing it a little or a lot each and every time) I am taken aback by how much I like my own story. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, it even scares the bejesus out of me at times. I like that the best.

Someone commented on some blog last week (sorry I can’t remember which) that the query process is like wandering through the desert. I totally agree with that assessment. What a lonely quest. Even with the writing group (thank goodness for them) and the blogs, it is still so bizarre. We send stuff out – maybe it gets a response – maybe not – and the consistency is nonexistent. One never knows.

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  1. I have tried 3 times to post this comment. This will be my last attempt.I sent out an email query last Feb. They didn't get back to me until July. the letter dated August 12 probably got lost under the detritus on the agent's desk which is why it wasn't posted until September.Love the pic although you're a lot younger than I thought.

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