On Saturday I head east to Boston. This western MA writer will be in the belly of the beast for the Big Conference: The Muse and the Market Place hosted by Grub Street Writers.

I am a small town girl living in a small town world and to go into the city is a big deal for me. Not to mention that this conference will be 500 people strong – all eager writers looking for feedback. There will be some big shot agents and editors there – and a number of best selling authors. All of whom I am hoping to hand my little business card to.

I have run the scenarios over and over in my mind and who knows how it will all go down. But this is the moment where I have to overcome my fears. I have to be proud of what I have written and let it speak for itself.

I know I will come away with new insight and some helpful feedback. I know that I will see the playing field.

What I don’t know is how what I have to offer will be hold up. If nothing else I will come back with some solid ideas about what to do next. Since I have not queried one agent yet, I count this as a blessing. This is a check point.

I will be meeting with Rebecca Oliver – the agent who signed Brunonia Barry – author of the Lace Reader. She works at the same house as a woman who signed Katherine Howe another author who I consider to be in my genre and who has had wide success with her fabulous book The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. It is exciting to know that at least one person from that agency will be there and I am meeting with her.

Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised – or maybe I will be thankful I have not yet put that manuscript out into the world yet and that I still have time to work on it.

Only time will tell. Until Monday – which is when I will be back…wish me luck.

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